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Copying Down


Placement Service
AKA - HireVP

Looking for assistance with a direct hire? After meeting with our Founder, Scott Rammage about your needs he will personally interview and vet potential candidates. In addition, this service includes a written contract between you and your full time Freelancer and salary negotiation.

 In addition you will unlock access to our “Leverage Your New VA for Success” course to guide you through the  journey. It contains years of tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your new team member. 

This is one for a one-time, flat fee. Schedule a consultation for this service today! 



Hire Our In-House Team
AKA - VAs For Gyms

Not only will you have access to our entire team of assistants but we'll assign you a project manager to help streamline communication. Your manager will distribute your tasks to the proper expert in the areas of: 

  • Social media production and management

  • Videos and reels

  • Content creation including blogging

  • Website and Google updates

  • Following the customer journey

  • Reporting, data and analytics 

  • Scheduling and organizing

  • SOP writing and organizing

  • E-mail Management

  • And more!

Why Hire a VA


Increase Productivity

By offloading time consuming administrative and marketing tasks you'll be more productive in your business, your community and your home. 

Bring Back Enjoyment

Does this sound familiar? You love your actual business but find yourself buried in tasks you don't enjoy! Our virtual assistants will handle these tasks so you can get back to the parts of your business your actually passionate about.

Save Time

Rather than waking up to an inbox full of tasks, you'll wake up with less on your to-do list. This will provide you the freedom to do more of what you enjoy doing with your time.

Reduce Your Stress

Finding the right person for the job is one of the biggest challenges we face as employers. Reduce the need for interviewing, hiring, training and managing employees through the use of our services.

Grow Your Business

These time consuming tasks which are essential to daily operations will be done with consistency and accuracy and professionalism. This leaves you with the capacity to work on your business instead of in your business.

Project Completion

How many projects or ideas do you have that you wish you had the time for? Our team can take your vision and see it through to completion. 

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