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Welcome. We are Virtual Assistants powered by Media Machine (formerly VAs for Gyms.) We offer two solutions to leverage cost effective and professional employment for your business. Take advantage of our in-house team of virtual assistants who are experts in a wide variety of administrative and marketing tasks or choose to be matched with a personal VA you can hire directly.


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Reclaim Your Time

You'll receive access to our entire team of virtual assistants to help you gain back your most valuable resource, time. You will work directly with a manager who will delegate your tasks to the in-house team to streamline communication. From a cost perspective you're paying for one professional but getting access to an entire team of professionals qualified in the areas of  admin tasks, writing, social media management, podcast editing, content creating, and video editing just to name a few!

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Redirect Your Focus

We hear it from business owners all the time, "It's easier or cheaper for me to just do it myself." However, our cost-effective solutions are designed so that you are awarded a return on your investment all while shifting your attention back on doing what you do best. Not only will you be able to offload the low level tasks wasting your time, you will also be able to tap into professional video editing, social media management, and content creation. It’s time to focus on your areas of genius and let the team take on the rest.

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Our  professional team handles the essential tasks that are vital to growing your business but which often take up your energy. You deserve a work-life balance! Hiring a virtual assistant means you no longer have to pour from an empty cup. You will be able to spend more focus on the things that build your business that only you can do. Now you will be able to show up for your business, its employees, your family and your friends with vitality. Put your energy where it belongs and hire out the rest with VAs By Media Machine.

Shannon Logan

They are a pleasure to work with. They're easy. They're respectful. They get back to you quickly. They're friendly. They're positive."


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